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ARAY Heated Roller is designed and engineered to tune and prepare the body for workouts, plus aid in faster muscle recovery.

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Advanced design and Engineering

With our proprietary even-heating technology, the ARAY Heated Roller provides penetrating relief, and an indulgent respite from the stresses of everyday life.

Beautifully fits into your lifestyle

With modern home design in mind, Aray Heated Roller is designed to fit into your home environment as a beautifully designed object. You don’t have to look for a place to hide your massage roller anymore.

Thoughtful details that bring a delightful experience

Aray Heated Massage Roller is full of thoughtful details that add delight and convenience, from an integrated lift handle to a smoothly guiding charging base.

We appreciate your interest in the Aray Heated Roller

We are driven to build and deliver an unprecedented experience for today's modern home fitness enthusiast. We are currently in the development and production phase, and will release ARAY Heated Roller in limited batches to ensure the quality and performance of each unit.

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